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Aliens, colossuses - provide us with the great grant, so we will explore that comprehensively

June 08, 2018
Thrashist Regime - Carnival Of Monsters

The Thrashist Regime - Carnival Of Monsters album is very jokey and unpredictable perception of computer games. The first composition Laughter Then Madness The Death is veiled and mysteriously captivating, then mysteriously and deliberately pondering before the instrumental solo, which precedes the final chorus.
the album does not stop, Antarctattack continues the narrative in an unrestrained manner, supplementing it with playful notes and leaving the vocal narrative in the title role.
Continuing uncontrolled wave of drive Headshot adds to the trash metal sound more and more shades - revealing the past dozens of the first legends, but its unique sound - so irresistible wave of drive sweeps out of its way any resistance!!
The wave of playful drive ends with the juggling of the Megalomaniac guitar solo, then transforms into something progressive, but the vocal introduces unrestrained energy and more familiar and popular shades to the sound.
Mysterious fog envelops the introduction, but the main motive casts the detaining fetters to the sides, juxtaposing the restrictive phrases in the verse, repeating Operation: Keep Him Busy again and again in the chorus.
Playfully entering mysterious motives, Vengeful Knights is carried away by an incredibly fast musical extravaganza, invoking vocal reflections, carried away in an equally unrestrained bridge.
Partly returning to traditional sounding, Colossus brings waves of epic reflections, trying to give this genre very unexpected shades.
Twisted in obscure reflections Soldiers Of Fortune envelops the gloomy fog of reflection, discarding any conceivable speculation - as if giving your reflections an unknown shades.
Going back twenty years ago, or appealing to the recent reincarnation of an unforgettable game X-COM: Enemy Unknown .. I do not know how you are - but I seem to have dropped years from my shoulders, remembering youth exploits. Instrumental bridges bring an incredible mystery, as if at every angle lies an unruly alien with an unthinkable weapon, seeking to abduct you for the benefit of an unknown civilization.
Solemn and significant instrumental saga Carnival Of Monsters is so diverse in its sound, juggling with broken and changeable stylistic nuances - there's no sense to try to describe it, much better to listen to it to take it completely. Metacidal Massacre completes the album, partly continuing some melodic delights of the previous composition, but supplementing them with sharp vocal phrases.