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Sometimes rage begets passion

February 10, 2020
Hunger - Hunger Feeds Misery

The romantic thoughts of the introduction, adorned with the chime of the strings of an acoustic guitar suggest Peace Is in Pieces as a delicate ballad, but the vocal cry transforms one violent burst of mid-tempo drive. The pulsating march of medium-tempo drive continues the Hunger - Hunger Feeds Misery album with a powerful and severe fighting mood, Demons in White accelerates the pace in anticipation of the introduction of vocals, transforming the rhythmic structure with progressive trends of unexpected transformations. Then in the vocal part there are numerous variations, overpaying in a mysterious dance with artistic guitar solos. Then, in the instrumental part, the guitar solo rises to incredible heights of artistry and after the final chorus, the instrumental passages bring symphonic shades to the enchanting violin solo.
A furious drive blows with an unrestrained stream of musical power, however, the The Dead Are Not Afraid to Die guitar passages crowns the beats with melodic charm and elements of pure vocals appear in the vocal part, complementing the guitar inspiration with hints of melody. The chime of the drum plates precedes the development of the main motive, then the buzz of the guitar solo sets an alarming atmosphere, erecting the vocal part, which is dominated by clean vocals, with harsh notes, to the forefront of the From Hunger to Hate musical image. Expanding the stylistic framework of album Winning Without Defeating begins with a bewitching melody, then explodes in a flood of unbridled drive, weaving these contrasts together in the finale.
The pulsating nervousness of the mid-tempo march rises with insurmountable notes of thoughtfulness, then the guitar solo explodes with rapid inspiration, but the vocal part returns the Prisons of Liberty sound to mid-tempo pulsations again. However, the hardening of vocals with the addition of the vocal part by screaming and growling explodes with the rapid drive of the instrumental bridge, however, again returning to the musical style subject to vocal variations. The viscous reverie of the guitar solo of the intro is transformed into a swift drive of guitar doubts, culminating in the dominance of Full of Emptiness (Anhedonia) vocal phrases combining clear vocals and harsh.
Discarding English lyrics Contradizendo Um Paradoxo completes the album with the band’s native language, transforming the sound of the composition over and over again and very artistically and interestingly varying the rhythmic structure and vocals.