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Darkness and dusk takes many guises

February 10, 2020
Black Flux - Black Stream

A viscous and tenacious musical atmosphere envelops variations in the rhythmic structure, giving the В таинственных чертогах древних / In the Mysterious Catacombs of the Ancients vocal narrative the mood of the fairy tale theme, entwined with vortices of saddened guitar passages that weave a bewitching lace of a saddened melody.
Continuing the Black Flux - Black Stream album with twilight haze enveloping the ghostly trends of forgotten legends Вмерзший / The Frozen envelops the vocal part with swirls of musical passages, preserving the mid-tempo rhythm of the musical image.
Capturing a musical whirlwind of the main motive Пепельные кубки / Ashen Goblets weaves a bewitching lace of a solemn anthem, pumping up the twilight atmosphere with musical passages and inspiring a magnificent tale with the lips of a sage.
Flying away with fast-moving musical vortices Рефлексия смерти / The Reflection of Death entwines the musical narration with bewitching guitar solos, pulsating against the background of the brooding bass of the bass guitar part. Keeping the vocal part in the dominant role of the Бесконечная волчья долина / The Endless Valley of the Wolves musical composition, instrumental passages elevate vocal phrases to the edge of the accompaniment waves, crowning the vocal part with the inspired essence of restrained drive and sparkling musical parts. Exploding with a vocal cry to the introduction, Путь / Upwards ends the album with a leisurely procession of a dark anthem, marching visibly in a leisurely atmosphere and escalating the grandeur of melodic charm.