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Predictions and omens can be interpreted in different ways

February 11, 2020
Heilung - Futha

Weaving unity from male and female vocals Galgaldr begins the mesmerizing saga of oriental tales of the Heilung - Futha album, combining male and female vocals in a storytelling argument. Then Norupo brings female vocals to the forefront of the musical image, complementing it with a hype of colleagues and the pulsating rhythm of the musical sacrament.
Mysterious pulsations (to understand their nature and essence it is worth looking at the photos from the group’s performances on their website) are preceded by a mysterious whisper of invisible spirits that recede before the mystical essence of the Othan main motive of the composition, weaving a mesmerizing lace from the narration of female and male vocals, which is covered by covers of musical variations. Bringing out the main essence of Traust composition with female vocals, the rest of the musical and vocal passages complement the significant narrative of female vocals.
The gathering, the noise and the rattle of preparation, the distant roar of the crowd concludes with the Vapnatak narrative of a pensive wise man telling about the results of the preparations. Then, Svanrand female vocals with tambourine tapes return to their dominant sound position. The vocal part is complemented by a background re-singing of colleagues, the futuristic essence of neo-folk is manifested in the musical component. A muffled mysterious whisper envelops in an unclear mystery and mystical mystery, narrating the Elivagar gloomy tales and obscure legends against the background of the noise of a campfire.
Shamanistic rituals around the fire, under the tambourine tapping foreshadow the witch's thoughtful tunes, so Elddansurin continuing this alternation in the final composition of the album Hamrer Hippyer, intertwining epic lace, as if transferring to the mystery of ancient rites.