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Sometimes perception drowns in a sea of routine

December 25, 2019
The Henge - Nothing Head

Thoughtfully and unhurriedly, Compressor calls back with pulsating echoes of reflection, raising mysterious intriguing pulsations of distant echoes. But then the music is transformed by a viscous, painful dusk, embracing by a viscous expectation. A leisurely romantic reverie continues the musical essence of the The Henge - Nothing Head album until The Sea vocals rush into the unknown expanses with emotional vortices.
Guitar riffs are transformed into a lingering buzz, then the Beginners vocals phrases complements this sound with their rattle of painful and suffering phrases. Human Being continues the style of the previous composition, but the musical march becomes more sophisticated and majestic, preceding emotional vocal cries by a march of a majestic anthem, then combining nervous vocal cries with the greatness of musical solemnity.
A leisurely and viscous bass guitar solo anticipates the charm of a melodic guitar solo, which acts as the mesmerizing grandeur of the Teddy Bear main motif, enchanting with the wise significance of the music. Continuing a leisurely procession, viscous and viscous musical passages fetter vocal emotions, as if Draclia holding vocal experiences in the walls of a musical cell. But instrumental bridges enchant with echoes of ancient legends and give an oriental flavor and atmosphere of long-standing adventures and forgotten wanderings. With an even more viscous and gloomy sound, Nike completes the album, the vocals are transformed into a broken rattle and complements his part with raucous shades.