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Using dark spells comes at a price

December 25, 2019
Helleborus - Saprophytic Divinations

The epic sacrament of the Celestial Grave intro captivates with the tales of ancient legends, escalating the background alarm with an approaching combat march, with the introduction of the militant severity of the drive explodes in a wave of unbridled rage, sparkling with melodic sparkles and raising alarm with an epic musical background. Maintaining the atmosphere of the Alraun Ghost epic saga throughout the Helleborus - Saprophytic Divinations album, waves of echoes of fairy fairy tales and heroic sagas fueze a breath of memories of exploits and battles, vocals combine clean, growling and screaming in their part, varying the style of the narrative.
The acoustic instrumental Verum Fidei romance ends with the muffled tale of a sage, remaining on the background and developing with the introduction of the majestic anthem of dark magic, magnifying and honoring the triumph of darkness and evil with the twilight atmosphere of the Devil's Garden black anthem. Keeping the twilight epic of the musical image, Juniper Shrine gives a more significant role to the vocal part, enveloping it with significant coverings of echoes of fairy tales and legends.
The solemn procession of the Decaying Observer majestic march captivates with the captivating sound of the main motive, crowned with significant vocal phrases. Nocte Amans continues this procession, somewhat accelerating the pace to the brink of a mid-tempo musical canvas and emphasizing the name of the song in the chorus.
The fluttering echoes of the Blakulla's Meadow ancient legends fascinate with the rhythmic echoes of a pulsing procession, captivating to listen to the final composition of the album, the Saprophytic Divinations title song beginning with the narration of the storyteller, then complementing the dominant vocal part with the outlines of the musical passages of the accompaniment.