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All things have their own Gods

December 24, 2019
Crest Of Darkness - The God of Flesh

The title track begins the Crest Of Darkness - The God of Flesh album with mysterious echoes, then weaving the gloomy laces of the musical web around the vocal part, captivating her in the rapid drive of the verse and raising the banner of darkness in the chorus. A circle in the deadly dance of musical passages around vocal phrases The Child with No Head flies like violent swirls of a swarm of wasps in bridges and a chorus.
Mysterious muffled entry motifs develop into the twilight motifs of the Endless Night dark anthem enveloping twilight dark spells. Then The Spawn of Seth rolls in pulsating bursts of musical journey, marching in a succession of ghostly silhouettes. These ghosts of the black knights dead figures elevates the dark triumph of the instrumental with majestic appeals to the dark lords.
Thoughtful and mysterious Forgotten instrumental sacrament with a crying performance in the background and preparing for the saddened march of the next composition Euthanasia, that is rolling out the motives laid down in the previous instrumental suite.
Viscously and painfully pulsating with the appeals of the dark anthem, vocal phrases slowly and significantly roll out the musical canvas of the Blood story. Continuing the viscous viscosity in the intro, the Godless Evil Eyes song with the introduction of vocals introduces trends of a certain tempo acceleration, remaining, however, within the framework of the average pace. Setting the beginning of the main motive in the introduction, Salvation in Hell is a whirlwind of musical passages around vocal phrases, combining the speed of drive and the significance of the average tempo in a single musical image of the final composition.