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Sometimes pacification is only a concern

February 02, 2020
Bonded - Rest In Violence

The pulsating drive of the Godgiven main motive captures an unrestrained roll, crowning musical passages with spark vocal inspiration. Then the sound of Suit Murderer musical component becomes hardened and heavier, vocal changes complement the verse sound with appropriate changes, introducing variations with screaming notes and weaving lace from shades of harsh related to growling and screaming vocals. The title track continues the Bonded - Rest In Violence album, weaving an intriguing mix of playful drive-through musical passages of entry and screaming vocals harsh. But in bridges and choruses, the vocal part is complemented by a more severe and low harsh vocals.
After intriguing and mysterious echoes of the epic intro's motives, Je Suis Charlie is marching through an irrepressible procession of a harsh march, pumping powerful and rhythmic waves of the main motive. The Rattle & The Snake fierce thriller , walking along the verge of an average pace, stepping over it, but then returning back ahead guitar solo of the instrumental part with harmonica tunes. Mysterious motives again intrigue the intro, giving the No Cure For Life song vague shades of forgotten legends, then musical the procession in dense waves brings the dark grandeur of the harsh valor of the majestic anthem. Vocal hardens sound to the brink of growling, shrouded in a bewitching melody of inspired musical passages in the chorus.
The epic charm of the dark grandeur of the Where Silence Reverberates instrumental intro into the ending pulsates with a gloomy drive and is transformed by a harsh rhythmic march, fond of the introduction of fierce vocals, chasing in rapid combinations of igrouling screaming in the pre-chrorus bridge, returning to the epic grandeur of the introduction. A thoughtful dusk gives the charm of mystery to the Galaxy M87 intro, then combining the fast-moving jerks traditional for this musical style with a pulsating rhythm ending with charming melodic veils of forgotten fairy tales.
The harsh drive of the introduction implies the hardening and weighting of the Arrival musical style, but then a musical fragment characteristic of trash follows, further expectation of hardening occurs, the vocals are transformed into growling variations, the music complements the vocal changes with a sound transformation. But The Beginning of the End comes back, however preserving the shades of stylistic perjury in the vocal part, chasing swift musical vortices to the chosen goal.
To Each His Own continues to drive rampant drive, facilitating the sound of the vocal part and expanding the stylistic framework of the album. The soft notes of the acoustic guitar begin the final composition of the album The Outer Rim with the soft romanticism of the ballad, the wok dissipates the bitterness in emotional inspiration ... but sometimes the ballad is transformed by an explosion of drive, but again returning to the shores of romanticism.