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Greed has considerable power over people

February 02, 2020
Human Fortress - Reign of Gold

The majestic instrumental symphony Imminence opens the gates of the saga of a musical fairy tale, then the Thunder and lightning invoke a vocal narrative. Music roars with swirling whirlwinds of rampant drive, but inspired vocal phrases hold back the musical pace. The title track continues the Human Fortress - Reign of Gold album, giving a certain epic mystery to the musical sound and captivating with touching vocal phrases that combines severity and charm in the vocal part.
The restrained march of the Lucifer's Waltz mid-tempo composition combines the epic inspiration of the epic anthem of heroic prowess and the romantic sensuality of an enchanting ballad. Keeping the mid-tempo sound on the verge of a ballad Bullet of Betrayal brings epic echoes of the shades of ancient sagas to the album, combined with folk tales. The orchestral symphony background and flute solos anticipate the introduction of Shining Light vocals, gently and softly telling the story of a romantic ballad, enveloping with swirls of sensual emotional experiences.
Forcing power and drive, but keeping a moderate march of medium-tempo narrative Surrender, pumps waves of severity and power, then explodes in a whirlwind of rapid drive. However, in the verse, the pulsating power of the mid-tempo drive returns again. But The Blacksmith completes the appeal to drive, speeding up the pace of the narrative, however remaining on the verge between the mid-tempo rhythm and unbridled swiftness and elevating the vocal part to the top of the musical image.
Once again, the echoes of folklore melodies and epic shades of narration are combined of the Martial Valor song epic saga. The swift drive of the Legion of the Damned song combines an energetic action film with a bewitching melody crowned by the charm of a symphonic background. The final composition of the album Victory returns to epic charm, entwining musical passages and vocals phrases with sparkling ribbons of folklore motifs