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Sometimes mankind strives for humanity

October 14, 2018
Infinity (ARG) (Beto Vazquez Infinity) - Humanity

The siren foreshadows the beginning of the battle, then the guitars will whip up a wave of drive, starting the Infinity (ARG) (Beto Vazquez Infinity) - Humanity album with valiant vocal phrases, foreshadowing tests and rhythmically driving in the meaning of the upcoming war in the Man at War choruses.
Taming swift drive marches in a gloomy haze with a fearless Breaking the Silence march, wrapping around the vocal part with whirlwinds of the main motive.
Shooting a violent wave of drive into the intro, Embrace the Pain is then transformed by the romantic phrases of the female vocal, but then transforming the musical image with the additions of rasping screaming. Then the furious screaming of the vocal girdled with impetuous drive comes to the forefront of the musical image, then receding before the romanticism of the singing lady. The final segment of the composition brings together these contrasts.
Beginning with an epic romance with a gothic undertone, intertwined with symphonic influences of keyboard delicacies Evolution changes with vocal intro, dominated by the male, supplemented by the background, it preserves the epic mood, but transforms the ancient legends to the pursuit of artistic musical ideas, introducing inspired melodious motives to the guitar parts.
Severe deterrent of terrible monster define basic motif of Hate composition that will knurls as devastating wave of the darkest omens. It should be noted that the composition as if tries to set the direction of a different style, but does not bring this idea to completion.
But male and female vocals elevate a flaming sword of resistance to terrifying horror, extolling the indestructible and fearless spirit of confrontation, the monster seeks to respond with demonic hard. From the plexus of such contrasting passages, Master of Fools composition is born.
The abrupt and mysterious musical motifs set the alarming atmosphere, the vocals complement these musical mysteries with mysterious cries, emphasizing the Stop song's title in the choruses. Female vocals dominate in the vocal part, continuing the middle tempo composition with symphonic romanticism of The Letter composition, that is fully revealing notes of opera freestyle, partly manifested in the background melodies of the previous composition. Beginning with the mysterious haze of gothic keyboard passages and the whisper of a singing lady, the symphonic ballad lifts up seductive melody to the top of consciousness.
The title track Humanity begins with a brief romantic reflection, then the guitar takes away the tender phrases of female vocals on the wings of an inspired drive to the triumph of rapid melody. But then the female vocal enchants with a soft and pacifying ballad.
Coming to the forefront with inspirational vocal delights, male vocals enchant with inspiration, then female vocals soars in the whirlwinds of accelerated tempo, complementing the final composition of the album Sweet Northen Soul with a seductive swift drive, maintaining a positive mood and joyful impression.