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Still in doubt - what to pray for, what to expect?

October 13, 2018
Irony Of Fate - Pray for Freedom... Prepare for Extinction

The ticking clock, the noise of the distant approaching weather and majestic chiffonium begins the Irony Of Fate - Pray for Freedom... Prepare for Extinction album with a brief Doomsday Clock instrumental introduction, culminating in a majestic romantic motif, evoking the expectations of future changes, exploding in a wave of gloomy drive into the introduction of the next composition Resurrection, the vocals break off the gloomy expanses of the twilight haze with a severe growling. It should be noted that this group will interest fans of female growling.
The majestic motifs of The Curse intro ends with a fusion of drive and melody, combining the inherent features of style with the influence of dark tales and a touch of vocal originality.
Oceans of Doom enters with a dense, stern and oppressive march, then a mysterious whirlwind precedes a swift and driving chorus, bringing the epic romance of the chorus into transcendental heights entangling with the lace of sunshine.
The drumroll precedes the Destruction narrative soaring from side to side from the main path, winding in the gloomy whirlwinds of an intricate and mysterious drive.
Drawing into the vastness of the mysterious legends and ancient legends, the introduction ends with the impetuous impetuous drive of the When Worlds Collide verse, returning to the epic narration in the chorus, anticipating it with a bridge with nervous vocal phrases, with the transition to growling into sharp creaking screaming. The New Generation main motive juggles the pace, varying its pitch from the fast-paced race to the pulsating march.
The fascinating and fascinating stream of the Unleashed Your Chains main motive captures and carries away through the fast-moving motifs of the verse, bringing into the fascinating melodiousness of the chorus.
A dense wave of meaningful narration rolls over with a harsh shaft of fairytale narration, combining epic and dense drive in The Wanderer magnificent anthem.
Rising into the sky-high spaces of epic narratives Where All Daylight Dies acts as a separate artwork, expanding the stylistic framework of the album and combining the furious growling of female vocals with the epic narration of clean male vocals. In the musical component of the composition there are shades of progressive musical presentation.
Twisting mysterious predictions and obscure speculation Falling Away, the vocal seeks to escape from the puzzling fetters of uncertain guesses, the swift drive bursts into instrumental bridges, but reflections do not let the mind go. Melodious passages enchant with unknown spells, enveloping Six Feet Deep song with ghostly delusions, but the vocals explode with fierce phrases, breaking off the wraith and anxiety, completing the drive of the verse with a harsh march of chorus. Epitaph as if continues the previous composition, but after an anxious and gloomy introduction alternates thoughtful romanticism with uncontrolled drive.
The album concludes with a diverse Sleeping Death composition combining a viscous and stinging introduction enveloping gloomy speculation, then the vocals throw over the confession curtains on this twilight haze. But these gloomy covers discards vocals, moving away from the growling plane to the limits of the screaming.