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Sometimes heritage - that's to keep the sinister beings under control

July 27, 2017
Heritage (BRA) - Ominous Ritus

Mysterious muffled phrases, chime of guitar strings starts Heritage (BRA) - Ominous Ritus album. But then, after the howling of the wind, Obey or Die carries away with the blow of unrestrained drive, without concentrating on obstacles.
The Watcher examines the monitored territory, the rhythm pulsates in the vortexes of concentrated attention - not missing a single detail, not the slightest nuance. In the chorus, the vocals gives out a ration of disturbed emotions, followed by the upsurge of a guitar solo.
Like a swarm of ferocious wasps Eradication Immaculate Existence rushes in a swift, unrestrained tug, sweeping away any imaginable and unthinkable resistance on the way. The furious, tireless drive appeals to the slam in the fan zone!
The rageous sound condenses, envelopes in the gloomy covers of impenetrable shadows. In this gloomy atmosphere of Lepers In Hysteria, changeable vocal phrases are heard screaming about seekers and their troubles. Bewitchment continues the narrative from the abyss of darkness, in the breeches between the couplets and through the vocal parts, the inspiring impulses of solo and bass guitars. Sound raises tempo, prophecy Raise Hell sweeps waves of darkness and horrors of darkness, beasts and demons feel free in their malice. There is a hope in bridge and instrumental solo ... but demons around! Dr. Chaos among this demonic offspring feels very comfortable - indicating where to exert efforts to demons, harpies and other beasts, he revels in his own power in the surrounding terror. Horror and darkness continue to radiate the rays of hatred and anger, Midnight Kill continues its stylistics - but the instrumental motives are intertwined with more florid, cunning and subtle musical ideas than before. The main motif of the title track envelops the mystical mystery of Ominous Ritual, encouraging and giving strength and energy to future accomplishments. Continuing the style and mood of the previous composition Razor's Punishment introduces some changes in the rhythmic structure, instrumental motifs seem to accompany the vocal part. In the chorus they unite in a single impulse. Assassin Legacy completes the album in the impulse of a frenzied drive, at the end uncontrollably exacerbating darkness and horror, anticipating the ending of the narrative with violent shock frenzy.