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Any monolith consists of particles

July 28, 2017
Dean Watson - Sum Of Parts

From the very beginning, the Dean Watson - Sum Of Parts album title track enveloping with so encouraging inspiration, sweeping away the turmoil and adversity. Then in instrumental improvisations, various impressions succeeds each other - then anxiety raises its thoughts over the musical canvas, then hope envelops with the veil of the wise celebration.
After proud and wise title track, foreboding in The Climb comes to the forefront of the sound. Some kind of foreshadowing the future achievements, music requires - you need to move forward, climb the rocks on the way ... climb again and again! In this concentrated movement, motivational principles sometimes arises, concentrating the ideas of necessary changes.
The main motive of Capture 1A entrains to follow its sound from the very beginning, giving way to a rhythmic procession of confident procession, over which key passages develop by symphonic variety banners. And this alternation is not homogeneous, on the contrary - leaves so many impressions that during this song, like the ages, flash before your eyes. Calmly, gently and with restraint beginning Song For A Day puzzles, not expecting answers - after all, it asks all new, new and new, than you manage to solve these riddles.
A joyful, festive atmosphere overflows the dancing Click Clack sound, juggling with ideas and thoughts, flowing like stream of sparkling emotions into new and new spaces.
The dense, hard rhythm creates an alarming, brooding atmosphere, defining the mood of Sense Of Urgency as the attempt to solve an unsolvable problem, approaching it from different angles, viewing from variable points of view, resorting to all sorts of tricks. Music cunning, twisting around the changeable and varied passages, all complicating and complicating the sound. But after disturbing reflections follows the balanced haze of wise, experienced and calming conclusion, the composition ends proudly - unsolvable problem has been solved!
After complicated bearing down reflections D Day calmly and evenly distributes confidently pride rays after resting in a relaxed atmosphere intricacies of the knowledge and experience of the extracted. The composition ends, completing the solemn colors of the rainbow with new and new shades.
The Afterthought closes the album, it is difficult, floridly and peculiarly dancing in ragged, changeable and varied rhythm. Like invisible spirits, fairies and elves dances at the festival to elect incomprehensible and great deities as lords of the imagined realm.