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Among the wastelands droughts seems so unexpected

July 26, 2017
Late To Scream - Between Droughts and Fires

The piano creates a peculiar mystery in the instrumental Black Harvest, invisible spirits reincarnate in chanting choruses on the background, setting an introduction for Decay and entire Late To Scream - Between Droughts and Fires album, which starts with a melodic symphony, then the scream-growling vocals brings power and fury, but clean vocal returns the mysterious symphony again and again - later these stylistic streams have woven into a single musical image. Closer to the end, the growling vocals becomes more bitter, following its severity, calling for fierceness of the musical environment, finally returning to the united image.
The introduction appeals to traditional metal, alternating with guitar improvisations, then Stream combines growling and screaming in vocals untill rhythmic and hard bridge calling for a fast guitar solo. Then the clean vocal breaks through the changeable bursts of musical and vocal fury. In the instrumental part, music softens to romantic dreams, after which clean vocals and growling alternates with each other.
Title track Between Droughts and Fires sounds like a fiery round dance, vividly waving in a vortex, tracing a circle in the night in clearing in the middle of the forest. Then the rhythm accelerates the vortexes, and again pure vocal and growling alternate again and again in the bright and exciting dance of musical ideas.
Setting the frequency, tunning 8503 and appears in the Shangri-La, where we are immediately enveloped by unknown and unpredictable vocals, combining screaming and growling, moves and whirlwinds of musical dances. Then, clean vocals bring a bit of dreamy imaginary thoughts. Changes in the rhythmic structure, variable, multifaceted - like rival melodies set the atmosphere of this mythical country. The drum roll causes demonic screaming, which sets the stage for a short, mysterious and barely audible guitar solo ... after which a few phrases. Good morning!
In the entrance dance bright and charming melodies seems to dance with each other, then this introduction manifests itself again and again - setting the Walk on the Edge of the Void leitmotif. Well, to dance around and around the melody is typical for this style.
Spinning out the sound of Wasted suggests waiting for a hard and furious drive, but the guitar suggests other thoughts. So it is, in the first half, clean vocal and melodic romance dominates. But then the instrumental arcade introduces a lifeless wasteland and sterilizes the infected spaces, bringing the wisdom of the ancient centuries and the northern fjords. In the final music, modern romanticism and ancient scrolls are combined. Hard and severe drive sweeps the sound of In This Call all opponents of their advancement - but not rushing into an accelerated impulsive frenzied breakthrough, on the contrary, power and fury incarnate in a non-rapid average pace, almost a ballad, finally supplemented by dreamy clean vocals. Irresistibly, clearly, confidently ... fitting into the radio format :) Modern melodic and rhythmic structure after joining A Method to My Madness (F.Y.a.H) put clean vocal on the forefront. The case when the mixing and arrangement, but certainly not the melody determines the stylistic framework. Reborn completes the album in the same style, manner and performance as the previous one.