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Sometimes everything is so simple

May 05, 2021
Atlas (FIN) - Primitive

Musical mystery intertwines in a whirlwind of dance with vocal despair, complicating and complicating the Skinwalker track's rhythmic structure, complementing these progressive musical variations with muffled vocal doubts. Continuing the Atlas (FIN) - Primitivealbum's musical history with the initially hysterical melodies of screaming, the Feel sometimes pacifies the vocals and music with deeper and brooding fragments. Expanding the stylistic framework of the album, the Kaamos song brings some echoes of rap into it and complements the vocal variety.
Soaring with an emotional whirlwind into the unity of vocal and musical experiences, the On Crooked Stones creates an impressive musical image, complementing the vocal tunes of emotional screaming with harsh growling with pulsating keyboard notes. The title composition Primitive at first sounds as if from a completely different style and genre, but then transforms the motives given in the introduction into the expected sound. The Pareidolia builds a musical composition on the alternation and interweaving of vocal styles, complemented by appropriate musical support.
Slightly hardening the musical sound and complicating the rhythmic essence, the Pendulum Swing complements this with romantic vocal tunes and chimes of keyboard passages. Fiercely fierce sounding with the participation of a gingerbread artist, the Bloodline composition somewhat transforms the perception of the album. The Rust songs intriguing introduction ends with vocal variations of different styles, ending the album with very diverse musical solutions.