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Someone will strive for the power, his endless drive powered by hate and fear!

August 17, 2017
Nuclear Warfare - Empowered By Hate

Fast and furiously After The Battle begins Nuclear Warfare - Empowered By Hate album, uncontrollably spreading the unrestrained wave of rapid drive.
Let The Hate Reign continues this raging stream of furious drive, without steel grinding and crushing obstacles on its way.
Introducing the spirits of the ancient peoples, the Mayan and Aztec prophecies, the group powerfully and super-rapidly delivers the Mata Com Faca lyrics in Brazilian Portuguese, that indicates the Sepultura's or another brazilian thrash band.
After the frenzied and irresistible rushes, Fear envelops with cover of gloomy fog, twisted with obscure images of the ghostly evils of evil hidden in faintest images.
After vague meditations, anxious look-back and anxiety surrounding terror, in the verse Warlust turns to swift, frenzied drive. But, after the unbroken verse heroism in the chorus, the solemnity of the battle spirit comes to the front line of the musical image.
The epic melody, continuing the traditions of the chorus of the previous composition, carries away into the expanses of ancient legends, narrating about Bite Of The Viper, but preserving the inherent to that musical genre fury and irresistible power.
Discarding all the complexities, reverie and frame, the vocal argues with itself about Half Truths, drawing the music behind its doubts in itself. Swift, impulsive instrumental parts are combined with concentrated vocal meditations. Chrus indicates that the end for all mankind is... A Nice Day to destroy the Earth for someone... instrumental solo crowns this nightmare by wonderful melodic guitar solo.
Title for the band track Nuclear Warfare creates a lot of images with so bright, wonderful and significant introduction. After the brief pause, the solemn procession rushes in the swift stream of the musical extravaganza, surrounding the procession of vocal blades with sparkling instrumental armor.
Thrash To The Bone finishes album, starting with bass guitar solo that does not descend from the main role in the main motif, then the vocals and the rest of the instruments combine in a bright burst of musical impulse.