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Someone will be free!

December 21, 2019
Vardis - 200 MPH (EP)

The pulsating lightbeat of the musical essence grows into a drum roll, rolling in the waves of a march, but then the Jolly Roger music and vocals are intertwined in the unbridled dance of a medium-tempo musical narrative, inspiring the desire for freedom and liberties. This musical desire for freedom begins the reckless race of the Vardis - 200 M.P.H. (EP) album.
Vocal phrases are rolled up by The Knowledge sophisticated trends, music stubbornly and sternly marches in a dense march, forcing whirlwinds of experiences, raising vocal directions and embodying their musical essence in the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Embodying the main motives of the main motive in the introduction riffs, the Dirty Money song then introduces the whirlwinds of the spicy winds of the southern rock style, embodying the shades of adventure and the impression of finding dishonest earnings in the song's title.
Preserving the spicy atmosphere of the southern style, the sound of the Move Along composition accelerates the tempo growth, imparting impatience to vocal phrases and entwining them with swirls of swift musical passages, keeping, however, the mid-tempo character of the musical narration. The album closes with a live concert performance of The Worlds Insane (Live) song, complementing the style of previous tracks with blues tones and somewhat calming the rhythmic variations of the previous composition.