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Premonitions are shaping the ghostly outlines of karma

December 20, 2019

The title track begins the KAZKA (КАЗКА) - KARMA album, enveloping emotional vocal confessions with the covers of sultry oriental folklore, complemented by ultramodern awareness of these long-standing motives. Further, the СВЯТАvocal part appears in confession, giving a festive mood notes of doubt and a potential explanation of the possible disappointments of the mother.
The notes of the САМА romantic experiences and the saddened thoughts of the vocals weave a bewitching lace of despair and feelings of unrequited love. Continuing the theme of love experiences ЗАПАЛА explores the theme of the love triangle, crowning with the sounds of folklore motifs the pulsating breath of popular music. Continuing the theme of romantic relationships, the ВІН romantic ballad enters the intro with the sound of a flute, then creates a background and complements love confessions, again coming to the fore in instrumental bridges.
The narrative of the vocal part is dominating in the ДИВА musical image entwined with sparkling ribbons of musical passages and futuristic echoes of electronic impulses. Again, the vocal part indicates the direction of development of the ТАНЦІ musical composition, however it sounds somewhat more variably, the singing lady more artistically varies the tonality and style of vocal phrases.
Again returning to the atmosphere of saddened despair, НІХТО sounds on the verge of a mid-tempo march and sensual romance, bewitching with vocal declarations of love and fascinating with wind instruments in instrumental bridges. Rethinking the duet of legendary Ukrainian singers МОВЧАТИ (Скрябін & Ірина Білик cover) complements the vocal part with background male vocals chants, encircling the vocal phrases with ribbons of thoughtful artistry and shades of saddened doubt of instrumental passages. The album closes, perhaps, with the most hit and successful composition of this group ПЛАКАЛА, the emotional melodies and echoes of the musical breath of which were marked by high places in many charts.