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Someone fallen - another will uprise

July 25, 2016
Demonstealer - This Burden Is Mine

There's no need to be ashamed, have to realize that Demonstealer - This Burden Is Mine !
It begins aggressive and tough, grinding obstacles into fine crumbs. But not so simple, How The Mighty Have Fallen we will know, when the militant growl turns into a sad whining clean vocals. After such a burst of sadness, keyboards give rise to a surge of instrumental rabies, which completes the composition, accompanying screaming vocals.
Melancholy and sadness stems as the brook's jet during the entry of An Unforgiving Truth. Clean vocals complements the emotional fabric of lyrical ballads by his dreamy and wistful sound. But then growl adds a touch of fury, changes the style of composition - but not immediately. Then sadness embodied in anger and fury, instruments release their anger and hatred in the sound. But they aren't increasing the pace, only sealing the vocals and accompaniment.
When The Hope Withers And Dies - so ragged, choppy rhythm outlines the scope of despair and hopelessness. But the present state described not by melancholy epitaph - it overcomes with guitar modulations and vocal changes from clean to growl. In this transition link is harsh vocals.
The title track begins with acoustic guitar riff and exciting clean vocals, uttering the severity of their existence. They tells us that This Burden Is Mine! But then the instruments in unison added its support, vocals becomes persistent growling. Albeit hard to live - but that is no reason to despair!
Sad and pensive riff opens intro of the Frail Fallible, then slightly accelerated, but the vocal comes in the grim melancholic ballad, first sad, then adding the nerves and emotions to its sound.
Quiet, quiet guitar riff begins the story of The Failures Of Man, He continues to tell it to us growl with a slow and rhythmic accompaniment. Then he connects clean vocals and accompanied by a little faster, and the chorus sounds like old-school death metal. After the chorus bridge replay Arabic motifs, followed by repeated combination of verse-chorus. Behind them improvise instruments, intrigue and test their skills and our tastes, then the combination of verse-chorus again. Clean vocals confession completes the composition. Epic stems Where Worlds End, pulling its sound beyond the limits of consciousness and being. Clean vocals competing for the leading role with harsh and growl vocals, next keybords signed new part of the track.
The Last Jester Dance begins slowly, gloomy guitar riff complements vocal monologue. Then instruments break off the chains, releasing their pent-up emotions.
Actively guitars begin to cut through the way forward through the thorns to the achievements, aspire to be released From Rubble And Ruin. Vocals, combining clean and growls, helps guitars to realize their desire to free themselves from the burdens of the current existence.