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Crush the beast by metal fist

July 24, 2016
Elm Street - Knock 'em Out - With A Metal Fist

You're not a hero, can't become a priest - so have to strike to Elm Street - Knock 'em Out - With A Metal Fist !
Face The Reaper begins with lyrically melancholic acoustic guitar solo. After that we hear the cry "Reaper!" and dense driving part begins, leading the story at a medium pace, accelerating in the instrumental solo.
The leitmotif begins its journey from the first seconds, forcing to Kiss The Canvas. The lively, rhythmic composition integrates melody and aggression in a single burst.
The track sets a very important and necessary for the understanding question - Will It Take A Lifetime? Further composition combines and interleaves complementary riffs, supporting vocals for a while.
Instrumental content in Sabbath constantly and expected, but the vocals seemed to lose composure, nervous, emotional shouting his energetic impulses. Acoustic passage relieves vocal's nervousness, but not for long - it returns to an emotional explosion.
Tightly coming, without reducing the pressure only strengthens rush Heavy Mental leads the story, setting up the simplicity of perception and complexity of understanding.
Next In Line starts quickly, slowing the pace in the verse for assertive vocal's performance, accelerated again in the chorus. Then - again, repeating a similar change.
No artifices, complications, abstruse antics in Heart Racer, vocals exactly puts its sound in a durable and stable outline of the composition, at a medium pace telling its tale.
Combines the acoustic guitar notes with the tough rhythm support S.T.W.A. serves as intro for the Blood Diamond starts without a hitch, adding drive with each new note, harsh vocals rhythmically and energetically leads his tale. In the middle of the composition acoustic instrumental part calms the furious rush, turns the track into ballad. But gradually the song returns to the powerful and persistent fury - nevertheless acoustic guitar finishes that song.
The album ends with a lyrical and melodic ballad Leave It All Behind, sad sounds which make reflect on the past and discard unnecessary, and strive to break the shackles of the future.