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Everything is covered with rust - where's the stardust?!

July 26, 2016
Valerian - Stardust Revelation

There's no need to remember the past, have to stock up the entire Valerian - Stardust Revelation !
Symphony violates all the foundation of the world by their paths, extending their milestones to Awakening Of The Fallen' One. Chorale and phrases complete awareness of these things.
Symphony Of Endless Desire starts with fast and oppressive riffs, keyboards bring a bit of intelligence and thought, but the guitars and vocals violate these thoughts by their actions, but then vocals extolds the melodic force that in the middle of the melody of praise by keyboards passages.
In Your Hand quickly gust all doubts by its blows to the trash, that's thrown out trough the window on your head. Haven't dodge? Have themselves to blame!
Powerful emissions begins Stardust Revelation then male vocals begins the story, complete with keyboards and female vocals.
Epic saga begins with the guitars riffs to tell us the Heroes Land Odyssey, telling the rhythmic bursts, evenly expanding tale rows and plot each syllable by sounds. In the middle of track the fabulous spirits break out at will and at Oriental motifs laid out everything on the shelves.
Elegy Of The Unspoken Words starts with the melodic riff, that turns into ragged vocal phrases. But the band eliminating vocals self-will and continue to lead it the composition inside its framework.
Sadly and uterine begins its journey Sinner's Euphoria, making the journey to the study of their problems and misery of others.
Quickly, vigorously and persistently communicates their thoughts to us My Everlasting, continuing flow of its their imagination in the incident and the embarrassment of its mind, adding a vocals and instrumentals nervous frenzy.
Torn fury of the Glorious Anthem breaks the awareness by flow of its rabies. Zelous and wildly flowing the stream of consciousness, merged vocals and accompaniment into a single stream of the composition.
Rhythmically and persistently The Triumphant leads us to the end of album, outro symphonical and epical, combines the clean vocals, chorus and sympho passages. Have to listen to that as well!