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Some wounds need to be recognized

November 24, 2019
Aethere (USA) - Open My Wounds

The gloomy fog with the obscure ghosts of the Ouroboros introduction gives the entry a certain mystery, then the vocals ascend to the top of the musical image, musical variations complement these phrases. Decay continues the Aethere (USA) - Open My Wounds album, introducing an element of progressive colors into the musical passages. Then the vocals slowly and rhythmically turn the song into a stern march, then flying away in a swift, uncontrolled rush of the chorus.
The title composition Open My Wounds weaves lace of rhythmic variations, alternating between a fast drive and proud pensiveness. The guitar passage, reminiscent of a siren howl, starts the Tongues song, then the vocals pump the harsh waves of a mid-tempo march, then the music rushes into an unstoppable stream of drive. Oriental motives from the intro are comming back in the chorus.
Ash of Existence envelops with inspirational covers of medieval mysticism, vocal part combines screaming and growling. The Cave in Carve Out vocals fetters swift musical passages, transforming the chorus as the majestic anthem. The mesmerizing melody of the Catharsis instrumental composition captivates, inspires and caresses the ears.
The vocals  immediately bursts into the Roam in Anguish song, then the main motive rolls with severe waves. The Meaningless Worth instrumental composition begins with a soft romantic ballad, then soaring with the fast-moving emotions of a furious drive. Portrait of Dead Eyes completes the album with bright passages of the dark anthem, whirling whirlwinds of bright guitar solos in instrumental fragments.