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Burning eternity will turn into embers

November 24, 2019
Aspherium - The Embers Of Eternity

The musical component of the Aspherium - The Embers Of Eternity album title track varies in sound from the unhurried procession of a proud anthem and in the vocal part combines an emotional scream growl with a deep and meaningful growling. The guitar solo of the instrumental part fascinates with bewitching melody. A whirlwind of As We Walk Through The Ashes musical passages twists a furious spiral around the rapid vocal flow, sometimes slowing down the pace of power and rage. In the chorus, the music and vocals elevate the banners of the magnificent anthem.
The soft introductory guitar solo suggests The Fallen Monument as romantic ballad, but then the music varies mid-tempo motifs and the vocals alternates between harsh and growling. Again, the beginning is enveloped by the trends of A Voice For The Silenced mystical romance, but then the music transforms these guitar passages into inspired epic ballad banners. The Shadows Of Creation intro continues its great significance, but then the music accelerates the pace, the vocals lead the main part with scream growling, but sometimes deep growling comes to the fore.
After a soft and bewitching intro, the Echoes Of A Lost World waves the mid-tempo march, in the chorus transforming into a bewitching ballad, complementing the vocal part with phrases of clean vocals. The drum roll of The Beckoning Spire combat march ends with violent guitars passages and musical trends that correspond to warlike vocal tunes.
After a mesmerizing intro melody, Beneath The Shattered Sky rides on the musical trends of the main motive, giving the sound the melody of an epic saga. The final song Until The Embers Fade continues the epic style and rolls waves of musical passages, varying on the verge of a mid-tempo saga and a battle ballad.