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Nature calls for unity with humanity

November 23, 2019
Botanist (USA, CA) - Collective: The Shape Of He To Come

The soft acoustic chime of the string envelops the bewitching atmosphere of the Praise Azalea The Adversary minstrel ballad. Then, after a brief pause, emotional growling joins the mysterious mesmerizing motifs of the musical sacrament. The title track continues the Botanist (USA, CA) - Collective: The Shape Of He To Come album, tossing up the whirlwinds of a swift drive, enveloping them with bewitching veils of enchanting melodies and complementing a vocal duet combining male and female vocals. Then the music calms the pace to a thoughtful leisurely retreat, retreating before the inspiration of vocal phrases, but then again flying away in swift passages.
Rapid rushes of hasty musical motives run away in The Reconciliation Of Nature And Man hasty raid, vocal thoughts envelop musical variations in the background atmosphere of clean vocals. But then the music becomes hardened and the vocals complement this demonstration of power and pressure with a severe growling.
The And The World Throws Off Its Oppressors acoustic ballad with saddened tunes of female vocals creates an atmosphere of painful thoughtfulness, then developing these motifs in the Upon Veltheim's Throne Shall I Wait symphonic saga, which continues the album with very significant chorales and bewitching lace of epic musical motifs. To Join The Continuum returns to the symphony of an acoustic ballad, complementing the soft chime of strings and the brooding tunes of a singing lady with birdsong and echoes of natural charm.