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Some relationships are so hard to comprehend

December 30, 2019
Lindemann - F&M: Frau Und Mann

Violently driving the procession of the main motive into the sounding path, intriguing the verse with the vocal reflections of the song, the chorus of the Steh auf composition violently and rigidly accentuates the name of the song, starting the Lindemann - F&M: Frau Und Mann (Deluxe Edition) album with unbridled emotionality. Weaving electronic sparks of samples with echoes of ancient legends Ich weiss es nicht continues the album, combining the warlock sacrament with the trends of electronic pulses of the far future. Starting with the echoes of a minstrel ballad chime, Allesfresser continues the union of eras, then alternating vocal thoughts with the harsh waves of industrial drive, combining them into single stream of chorus sound.
Preserving the shades of industrial sounding Blut refers to the epic mystery, bewitching the mystery of the musical image. Further, the acoustic chime of strings brings the tunes of a brooding bard ... but then the Knebel music becomes hardened by an explosion of drive, bringing rage, power and anger!
The title composition Frau & Mann casts out centuries and morals, introducing polka into the sound. Then Ach so gern follows with some echoes of the club lounge, complementing the sound with some other dance ... tango, Ach so gern or something else. Schlaf ein continues the musical narrative with a pensive lace of a romantic ballad, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Again hardened by a furious drive, Gummi envelops in the echoes of industrial impulses, chimes of electronic impulses surrounds the tunnel with a mid-tempo procession of the main motive and vocal phrases. Pulsing with technogenic impulses Platz Eins brings a certain charm to vocal reflections and echoes of musical variations. Then Wer weiss das schon continues the musical narrative with an incredibly charming romance.
Electronic echoes are intertwined with the significance of the lyrics, anticipating the development of the Mathematik main idea at a leisurely and pensive pace of musical narration. Much tougher and driving rethinking of the polka-like composition Ach so gern (Pain version) completes the album.