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Legacy sometimes so unexpected and unpredictable

December 31, 2019
Second To Sun - Legacy

Crying of the suffering precedes the development of the main motive of Devil composition, exploding with a furious drive after the intriguing crying of the suffering. It should be noted that the Second To Sun - Legacy album’s lyrics, despite the English-language names of the songs, are Russian-language. A pulsating drive with a mid-tempo march continues the musical narrative, introducing progressive shades with a complex breakdown of the rhythmic structure, but with the introduction of vocals, returning the black shades of the Confessional Of The Black Penitent musical image.
The gloomy mystery of intro raises the hazy banners of the Pages For A Manuscript dark anthem, then alternating with explosions of drive flavored with furious vocal phrases. Introducing futuristic echoes into the introduction, then Monster returns to the epic trends of ancient tales, enveloping the enchanting narrative in the mysterious twilight, building the leitmotif on the basis of the passages specified by the introduction. Standing on an armored car, a revolutionary sponsored by the Germans enters into the No Need To Be Afraid Now composition with his speeches, rolling out the grim grandeur of the dark melody of entry, then pumping up the pace and complementing the drive, remaining, however, on the verge of rapid passages and thoughtful thoughts. For your humble servant, the Once Upon A Time In Russia introduction evoked memories of unforgettable Soviet films (yes, Professor Preobrazhensky, that is, that is!) Then the musical essence of the composition captivates with an epic atmosphere and unforgettable melody, fascinatingly weaving musical passages and vocal phrases in an enchanting dance, combining variably and artistically transformation of the musical image. The composition is completed by a comedy element for tuning radio stations.
The majestic anthem Raida solemnly completes the main part of the album, complementing it with a rethinking of the band's past artworks Me Or Him 2020 (Bonus Track) and Virgo Mitt 2020 (Bonus Track), remastered and perceived differently in a modern sound.