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Some mirrors reflect what you don't expect

December 29, 2019
Catharsis (RUS) - Зеркало судьбы

The intro of the Я вернусь song captivates with the whirlwinds of symphonic echoes of the frank passages, then returning in instrumental bridges and retreating before the dominance of the emotional vocal part. The spring of the mysterious motif is muffled and obscurely unwound into the Время потерь introduction, then ascending with a whirlwind of the main motif intertwined in the alarmed dance of the twilight ballad with vocal tunes.
Лечу за тобой ntertwines the harsh stiffness and anxiety of verses with an inspired ascension of refrain, flying away with sparkling banners of readiness for any trials of future adventures. The title track continues the Catharsis (RUS) - Зеркало судьбы album with an amazing alloy of symphony and drive, vocal phrases harder sounding in the verse give the grail of epic charm in the chorus.
But Сталкер song captures the attention of the lyrics - in the text you can see the echoes of ancient times and the shadows of the distant future, dystopia and the mystical echoes of fairy tales dance in the vortexes of a composition, walking on the verge of an average and fast pace. The romantic ballad Невесомость gives honor and praise to creative ideas that bring to mind and perception in aerial ethereal soaring.
Returning again to the spaces of epic fairy tales sagas, Муза морей brings spicy wind of marine romance and salty splashes of splashing sea waves. The Чёрные сфинксы introduction brings spicy motifs of oriental folklore to the album, then the epic symphony intertwines the echoes of the hot deserts with the minstrel saga and the narrative of the warlock storyteller. Driving with a restrained drive of intro, Даль ends the album with swirls of inspiration of vocal phrases, rolling intriguing forebodings in the verse and raising banners of greatness and triumph in the chorus.