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Sometimes seeming much closer than explicit

December 29, 2019
And Hell Followed With - Chimerical Reality

An intriguing twilight of entry enters into an atmosphere of mystery, but then the Empty and Hollow music combines power and drive with enchanting melody and braids the emotional growling of vocals with a bewitching cocoon of musical variations. Variations in tempo and rhythmic structure fascinate with artistic ideas. The Notion of Freedom continues the And Hell Followed With - Chimerical Reality album, picking up the enchanting melody of the previous composition, but follows the path of the solemn anthem, less variably playing rhythmic variations, but inspiringly and majestically following the path of the main motive.
The pulsating mystery of the Discordance drum roll is coming along with the guitar soloist of a stern march, manifesting as the introduction of the next song Retribution and fully preparing the listener for a more attentive perception of its sound. The sound of this song is intertwined with bewitching echoes of epic motifs complementing the procession of the solemn march with gloomy shades. In the vocal part, the dominant growling is supplemented by background tunes of screaming. The title track Chimerical Reality continues this style, however, the vocal part is initially transformed into a recognition of solo growling, which complements the echoes of the chorales of the companions. Then the music returns to a combination of screaming and growling.
Concluding the album with a solemn procession combining inspirational romantic experiences with a magnificent ascension of solemn banners, Dear Father song very impressively lowers the curtain of the musical saga. The sparkling ribbon of the main motive permeates the whole musical essence of the song.