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Some dreams are so unknown and timeless

April 08, 2019
Oakhaart - Parallel to an Endless Dream

Medium-tempo pulsation intertwines in fascinating musical twilight, encompassing mysterious A Godless Vessel vocals reflections with fascinating music. Continuing the Oakhaart - Parallel to an Endless Dream album with the mystical mystery, the Celestial Pathway composition transforms the vocal part, alternating thoughtful phrases of pure vocals, intriguing mysterious tones and complementing the sound with harsh notes and short additions of severe growling. Clean vocals remain at the forefront of the Morals End musical picture, musical covers are still enveloping intriguing vocal phrases in a hazy, mystical atmosphere.
Instrumental composition Trip dancing on the way anticipates the development of the musical theme of the Degradation of Purpose (feat. Conor McGouran) song, starting with a soft, captivating guitar solo, and then clothe the sound of the album with the trends of dark romanticism.
The detached playfulness of the brief instrumental introduction Falling anticipates the incredible variety of musical turns and mystical revelations of the Neurogenesis instrumental saga, which acts like a separate artwork, but complements the sound of the album with a multitude of variations of musical charm.
After an enchanting reverie, Wisdom and Freedom brings a wave of harsh drive to the album, returning vocal revelations. The music remains on the verge of a medium tempo, vocals alternates varying clear vocals, complementing their sound with notes of romanticism and deep, significant growling phrases. Concluding the album with an epic romanticism, title tracks Parallel to an Endless Dream compositions vocals begins the narration with muffled prayer, then giving its phrases more rigid shades and variations.