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Fragments of eras are combined in a monument to humanity

September 27, 2018
Soreption - Monument Of The End

The mysterious atmosphere is intertwined in the indescribable charm of the solo of the complex and fascinating intricacies of technical musical ideas, that Soreption - Monument Of The End album is fully fascinating with the introduction of the first composition The Anti-Present! The vocal seeks to break the mysterious musical limits, which he succeeds in confident and harsh speech.
The rapid development of the Children of the Automaton composition rolls bright in its complexity and inconsistency of the drive wave, but these versatile jerks with connecting vocals end with a dense medium-tempo march.
Even more compacting the sound of the average tempo King of Undisputed Nonsense turns into a majestic hymn, complementing the sound in the bridges with the choral of the harsh guards. The guitar solo enchants, the vocal forces the tempo into a harsh wave of drive, ending with pulsating musical waves.
Beginning with a fascinating fairy-tale melody Nothingness Becoming merges together with Architects of the Apocalypse - like an ingot of a precious metal, while trying to formulate a description of the first composition - the next one ends! No, unnecessary descriptions are stupid and unreasonable - you have to listen to them, they wonderfully complement the atmosphere of the album, intertwining cyberpunk, fantasy and ancient legends Changing the style of the narration into leisurely reflections, the A Mimic's Ignorance vocals transform the album with a very peculiar recitative, as if the reigning individuals march surrounded by a dense cohort of guards (which is nothing more than a very worthy and impressive musical accompaniment).
Partly returning to the expected canons of style Virulent Well brings a wave of harsh drive, arched in bridges with mysterious melody. The vocals in the chorus with a deep growling argues nervous screaming.
Beginning with a fierce wave of drive, the final composition of the album The Entity seems to fall into the abyss of an intractable argument .... well, is the music over, are you listening to the album again? Yes! Yes, once again YES!