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No remorse, no regret - passion we've got!

May 01, 2017
Albert Puskaric - Passion

Someone will think - it's as old as the world. But even the old world, covered with dust and ashes, is capable of producing Albert Puskaric - Passion for everyone and everything!
Inspired phrases and thoughts elevates the sight of Dreams and perception over the clouds, continuing the coveted dreams higher, higher and higher, without stopping in the generally accepted shapes.
So gentle, thoughtful and thoughtful composition Desires creates an atmosphere of conscious sensitivity, enveloping in stream of meditation and an unrestrained thought process ... it's hard to describe it - you have to listen to everyone of that innstumental saga! Disputes, doubts - moreover, disputes with oneself - happens Everyday, forever and ever, with all of us. In the gloomy haze of emotions, doubts and questioning intonations, this ballad, full of reflections and doubts, proceeds.
Meditation You Used Me compares different perceptions, combining them in a single and inseparable musical stream.
Vocal passages of different voices combines with thoughtful instrumental delights at Don't Cry attempt, creating so thoughtful picture, refracting in the changeable glittering of changeable light spots.
"Cherchez la femme" tells someone, after reading of some books - Chante Du Cygne. Sound of this composition will tells, reminiscent of romantic thoughts and spiritual instructions. What prevails - you can listen and decide for yourself as well!
The instrumental saga Holley's Song, which combines an incredibly intriguing main motive, refracting consciousness and space, supplemented by shades of guitar improvisations and a flute, keyboards, and a violin ... ah, you can write about it a lot - but everyone will hear it in their own way ... not at the dictation of building your own opinion!