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Silent stars quietly watching the world at night

June 30, 2017
Furia (Pol) - Ksiezyc Milczy Luty

Somber, restrained and thoughtful intro lasts for long time, presenting the manner of Furia (Pol) - Ksiezyc Milczy Luty album, then the music has complemented by the power and energy, but not inclined to hasty field. The impenetrable fog of mystery is painstakingly, long and carefully created, then the vocal proceeds to confident instruction with a clean voice. Only at the very end of Za Cma, W Dym the vocals turns into a harsh with elements of screaming on an emotional tear.
The next song continues to sound in a leisurely thoughtfulness, reflecting on the fate of the world. Then, like a humming swarm of insects or wings of wyverns flocks incarnate in guitar riffs. And after so long, unhurried and gentle introduction, there is an explosion of violent drive, combining instrumental and vocal rabies in an average tempo. Restrained, meditative phrases of the wise man complete Cialo in the melodic break.
Again a soft, restrained and light melody begins Tam Jest Tu, after the introduction of the vocal and several phrases, rushes into hard rush, combined with mystical re-vocals. The composition ends with the same furious phrases and a brief emotional confession, causing a new impulse of musical fury. Gloomy fog envelops from all sides in the gloomy atmosphere of Grzej, guitar notes sound through a distant rumble, waiting for the priest, who produces a mysterious ritual of calling the otherworldly spirits. The adherent exclaims emotionally, overtly - at the same time, with restraint, but in the dance of musical motifs the vocal becomes angry, turning into a blatant screaming. These changes in vocals call for the acceleration and weighting of the musical image. But the priest calms down, accumulating energy for the subsequent melodic splash drive. Distant voices conclude the song.
A pulsating rhythm, as if resonating with the palpitation of a wise man, who teaches with wise and thoughtful phrases, begins Zabieraj Lapska. But the vocals and music shows brief burst of anger, returning to restrained reflections. From these changes, combining sometimes these fragments in single image this composition consists, supplemented by the chorus of adepts.
The composition ends with a solemn melody, combining the power of drive and the depth of ancient knowledge. Reflections in a hurried recitative and melody, as if sitting on a chain - restrained by restrictions and prohibitions, but charming and charming have added to Zwykle Czary Wieja, completing the album.