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Show me your nose ... touch it with your finger!

September 10, 2017
Clownhammer - Clownhammer

The chime of the open music box begins Eastside Story and the whole Clownhammer - Clownhammer album, sweeping confident, clear and zealous musical ideas, the vocals are very progressive and diverse sounds, mixing the harsh to its clean sounds.
The uncontrollable stream of furious drive envelops the Everyone Needs to See sound, exacerbating incredibly musical ideas, the vocals range from bright thoughts to harsh phrases.
The violent introduction of Hypocrite, the restrained power of the verse and in the chorus have combined together The pulsating power subordinates everything around in the Soul Ambition music, the vocals go to oriental stylistics, sometimes supplemented by explosions of harsh, blowing closer the end.
Country-style ballad Streets starts, then a complex and progressive musical image explodes the musical structure, demanding its influence.
Powerful turns of concentrated thoughts circling around and around in the Writing on the Wall sound, forming a solemn hypostasis of the main motive, gnashing the vocal at the base of each coil, then developing and overshadowing it as a result.
Powerful, viscous and meaningful United introduction, in the vocals at first growling goes to the front edge, then they change and are ranked The solo bass of the guitar sets the beginning of Wasting Time, bringing the spirit of the bark, isten !, interleaving it with progressive. Describe senselessly - it is necessary - and worth it - to listen! Down with the Clown completes the album in many ways, thoughtfully and in a variety of ways - many tutu can hear riffs from other groups. But, listen and hear - I was very interested in this instrumental saga!