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Every king has great need in valorous knights and experienced captains

September 11, 2017
Conclusion Of An Age - Captains and Kings

The sound of the rain, the rising march, the violin sadly and sadly escorts the people going to war, starting the album Conclusion Of An Age - Captains and Kings with brief instrumental introduction Arms Race.
Proudly and militarily, the main motive is enveloped by the anxiety and foreboding of the impending disasters that always brings Infinite War. Then the music and the vocal party sweeps the pace to the limit in the bridge, but again find peace in the disturbing phrases of the chorus.
Thoughtful in its unresolved anxiety, the fairy tale The Broken Throne pours out streams of vague premonitions, epic and solemn in an average tempo rolling over the waves of its chronicles.
The title track Captains and Kings continues the same style, but the main motive dominates, subordinating the rest of the musical ideas and instrumental passages.
Starting with a brooding ballad in the obscure dark gloom of the entry, then Day Turn into Night sweeps the pace in an uncontrollable explosion of impetuous drive, but then balancing to the brink of anxiety and foreboding, anticipating further path to later trials.
Vague and uncertain nebulous phrases envelops vocals with the power and armor musical passages, creating At the Edge stark and powerful song, like the kind of tough ballad.
A proud intriguing introduction Tyranny Falls creates the basis for nervous vocal stories and so exciting instrumental extravaganza - there's the combination that creates brilliant unforgettable musical image that flows into the next composition Surrounded by Enemies - the instrumental extravaganza is combining a lot of musical ideas and styles: from rapid driving passages to tender, gentle and thoughtful ballad and viscous, shackling pulsating rhythmic marches.
The bright, romantic and calm ballad Time Collapses completes the album leisurely, meaningfully and with restraint.