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Crimes against wisdom

September 26, 2020
Sumokem - Prajnaparadha

The instrumental Prologue symphony slowly and intriguingly enters with mysterious forebodings, serving as an introduction to the Nihang track, that complements the development of the Sumokem - Prajnaparadha concept album, combining in the vocal part the dreamy melodies of clean vocals, shrouded in a symphonic haze of intriguing mystery and waves of dark drive, complemented by harsh growling.
Continuing the twilight mystery of musical narration, the Parak-Dar brings the shades of oriental tunes, complementing the significance of musical narration with symphonic banners of a pensive fairy tale. The vocals complement the musical passages with flowery phrases of mysterious significance, the music sometimes retreats to highlight instrumental solos, complementing them with restrained symphonies of background mystery. The Sadhu song builds the musical composition on some bitterness of clean vocals, giving it indignant shades. Growling, on the other hand, walks through the vastness of a dark anthem shrouded in pulsating passages.
The guitar solo of the Fakir intro lends a sad mood, then develops into brooding reflection, somewhat thickening and hardening the musical sound with the introduction of vocal reflections, combining clean vocals with growling. Finishing the album the Khizer track underlines its peculiarities, captivating with musical mystery and emotional vortexes of vocal phrases.