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August 17, 2016
Shades Of Mourning - In Your Image

Creating worlds diverse and has many meanings, try to use Shades Of Mourning - In Your Image of that statement!
Vital power spreads the sand through the veins, exalting solar heat in every part of the body, the Veins Of Sand calms down after an initial frantic spurt. Thoughtful phrases couched in powerful armor of the instrumental accompaniment. Then the fury and power of growls and hard riffs replaced by clean vocals with dreamy quiet lyrical melody. Instrumental solo sublimely hovering around the main theme, drawing its thoughtful pirouettes, completing the song after a few vocal phrases with keyboards chords.
Law Of Talion enslaves all around with its mighty coverage, leaving no opportunity to hide and escape from its unbridled influence.
Keyboard passage begins and recreates the leitmotif of thy spiritual formation, Occam's Razor philosophical aspiration combines the power and density of guitar riffs with dreamy clean vocals, complementing and supporting the guitar's anger and wrath with growling.
Severe powerful guitar breaks starts tha statement Fate Defined. Growling vocals rhythmically and persistently broadcast this statement for all of us. Then instruments glade to marching rage and fury of their solo part 'till atmospheric and grim guitar riffs while clean vocals completes that wrath with his confession.
Poetic mood of the melancholic ballad Anchored keyboards transmit tangible and palpable, but then instrumental palirtra saturated and growl comes to replace the clean vocals 'till the end!
Wendigo Psychosis makes unthinkable unrestrained fury producing zealous breaks in the outside world - in which there is no snowy peaks, ancient mountains and howling icy winds. Sad melancholic ending emphasizes with its melody the sadness and incorrigibility of similar status.
Rich powerful riffs and growling beginning does not give rise to doubt, In Your Image, Part I: Nature is a fundamental principle and overriding components of the world, carrying the century and era under its glance, like a feather to the surrounding universe.
Let have all the components that make up the world around, let them have a control element, which controls the process - but it is necessary to In Your Image, Part II: Nurture all of that - with the sublime instrumental saga to describe this process wisely as well!
Creation of the World enraged, the voltage outputs of the boundaries of consciousness latent pent-up anger and resentment - let to try Drink The Nile!
Wisdom and many knowledges, bring awareness that a lot of Unlearned staff left in the world, it combines the anger and fury of zealous study with severe growl vocals, and grim confession of the clean ones. Composition make atmospherical parts that follows the furious breaks with the various combinations of blows and thoughts.