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Order VS Chaos - you have to choose

August 16, 2016
Dead Is He - Amidst The Chaos

Somewhere all things in the order, anyone in correct places, and under suitable conditions. We are Dead Is He - Amidst The Chaos !
Powerful rhythmic title track Amidst The Chaos marching towards its goal with rumble, accelerating pace after the siren. Then the rhythm changed several times, although the rhythmic march remains the primary role.
Guitar shrill opens Blacken The Walls to our attention, rhythmically rolling with sharp breaks, that interrupts the verse's sluggish course.
"Where's my son...?!" - asks nervous harsh voice, that's the intro of the One Creep, Dead Creep. Rhythm permanent, marching with confident pace, constantly repeating the question from the entry...where's that son, hey?!
Dance rhythm, in an eerie dance of the Deadly Nightshade does not leave a shadow of a doubt - this phantom fiend deadly and dangerous, no one appeared on its way has no opportunity to avoid the terrible fate!
Unable to avoid all sorts of nasty and dangerous opponents? The Fight! Fight! Fight with all of them, Do not hide, do not run away - Fight! Have to fight!
Crushing hammer blows starts Crucible Of Conflict under that blows passes dispute between growling and screaming, they can not negotiate and resolve the situation without conflict.
Ill Moro continues to mix different styles of vocals with fast and agressive pace, interspersing vocals conversation with rhythmic breaks.
Fast guitar riff begins the tale of an ancient incarnation of evil and horror, Behemoth - but the further narration of this legend does not allow haste and hurry - the ancient horror needs a clear and coherent presentation.
Insistent guitar riff stubbornly untwists the tacts, Elephant Man are not going to stop on half-way, continuing steadily and monotonously march on his path.
Fast and swift Alter K Shun develops without delay and latency, just rhythmic and powerful vocal impulses in the chorus a little slow zealous fervor.
Protracted viscous slow riff begins to Twist Of The Handle, with vocals joining accelerats casually, as if the singer is resting at the bar, have fun telling his stories. Bartender - another mug of beer!