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Seize your chance to finalize all in time

August 18, 2016
S7N - Deadline

Got a project - terms of execution of component parts - but S7N - Deadline in any case!
Joining proceeds melodic stream, resulting in a sharp guitar squeal. After what Last Dance tighten its sounds for more intelligibly guidance about the importance of this process - it hates you!
Powerful guitar riff begins Fatal Disease with its unrestrained zeal uncompromising shall communicate to the cycle of bewildering whirlwind riff that becomes the leitmotif. But the chorus contains rabies, leisurely specifying the name! But the furious zeal completes the composition!
Dense rhythmic structure of the Innocent Guilty contains powerful blows, crushing any shade of doubts with its devastating impulses. Chorus brings its viscous insistent repetition of the names - there is no fault of the guilty!
Powerful rush of the viscous riff does not allow to reject the title track Deadline. After tireless and persistent repetition - that it was time to finish, deadline approaches! So then melancholic lyrical guitar fingering sounds sadness and grief, even though the deadline that has come expected, but always suddenly. Rounding out the quintessence of thinking guitar solo and chorus.
Aggressive intro's rabies of the Bomb Maker interrupts with vocal chants and shouts of the crowd of adherents.
Heralds bangs march for Hated King's Guardia. Ragged riff and vocal shouts signify discontent of the people - the king will be difficult to avoid, so blatant about their troubles people are not quartered him or rot in the dungeons so adorable for the subjects of bullying prison.
My Own War convictions relentlessly and tirelessly go on as usual, a variety of explanations guitar breaks and yelling observers. Then keyboard passages exalts the screaming men over the crowd.
If you do not agree, do not understand all the provisions of the previous interpretations and compositions - take Enough Is Enough as a conclusion, a conductive canvas of melodic chorus to my mind the best.