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Server hacking techniques are sometimes straightforward

October 17, 2020
Algorithm - Brute Force: Source Code (EP)

Informational insights of progressive musical thinking evoke the motives of electronic music, bringing with it the spirit of the distant future and preparing for the transformation of the human essence to unity with programs and rotatas. At the same time, the sound of the Runtime composition and the further development of the The Algorithm - Brute Force: Source Code (EP) release retains the undeniable influence of progressive musical artistry.
Developing enigmatic anticipations with the instrumental mystery of the introduction, Source Code then develops them with electronic pulsations, creating an ornate tunnel of futuristic atmosphere around the brooding tunes of a romantic guitar solo, which sets the leitmotif of the dog, then develops into a whirlwind of furious drive, but returns to romanticism with a bit of drive. Then keyboard passages complement the sound of the track with echoes of ancient legends and epic sagas.
Dancing pulsations of the Dynamic Recompilation seems to plunge into the world of disco fun, but add a certain bewitching anxiety and vague pensiveness to the sound. But then the electronic pulsations intensify and give a progressive gloom to their atmosphere. But the music dispels the gloom and reveals the essence of the epic appeals of the ancient centuries, making their way through the generic essence of programmers and the memory of the blood of system administrators. At first pulsating with the heartbeat of mechanisms and programs, the Userspace (Volkor X Remix) closes the album, alternating these futuristic electronic motives with epic proclamations of ancient legends, sometimes combining them into a single musical stream.