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Sometimes this right manifests itself so unexpectedly

October 16, 2020
The Room Colored Charlatan -The Mandate (EP)

Intriguing with the atmosphere of an obscure symphony, the Futuretec intro breaks off with a surging drive. But then teh Uplink Severed track continues the sound of The Room Colored Charlatan -The Mandate (EP) release with a futuristic combination of electronic pulses, bringing the vocal rage of unbridled harsh to the fore. But then the music and vocals freeze in thoughtful reflections, again and again complementing the vocal part with new shades and stylistic turns.
Beginning with winding melodies of clean vocals, bringing romantic influences into the sound of the Cynosure composition, the music is then complemented by dark notes of harsh drive and furious melodies of emotional harsh vocals and tough rage of growling. Complementing the musical essence with dreamy tunes of clean vocals and epic echoes of forgotten fairy tales the Forest View track continues this combination of brooding romance and notes of furious drive and vocal malice.
Combining incredibly progressive musical solutions with futuristic impulses of electronic sound, the Neurotoxin composition weaves an incredible variety of styles in a mesmerizing musical stream, piercing space and time with musical impulses. The Vertebre sing finishes this release with a romantic saga that combines and alternates between epic tunes of clean vocals and the harsh anger of angry harsh, screaming and growling vocals.