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Each of us has his own sea

August 19, 2016
Be'lakor - Vessels

Ocean bothers, restlessness and marvelous seas, the river never stand still - Be'lakor - Vessels should be ready not only to something like that!
Buzzing ghostly spirits and swarm of memories combines in the Luma to distract us from everyday thinking about the usual things.
Melodious sublime combination of dreamy keyboard passages with perseverance guitar opens the way for An Ember's Arc, vocals adds embodying the emotions to that combination with his calm and unshakable story. But the melodic melancholia tirelessly continues its inculcation!
Sad pensive atmosphere does not leave indifferent, not allowing to look away from the Withering Strands. Fading aspirations constitute a combination of thawing hopes and unfulfilled dreams. But these thoughts cause an explosion of rage, that with a brief break crashes the shackles that fetter the mind and burdening dreams!
Keyboard notes painfully forces thoughts up view to gloomy gray sky, guitar riffs strongly densified sounding of Roots To Sever. But dense sound is not stifling or destroying the melodic structure - only reinforces the impression of her, giving her power of influence Whelm suppresses all sad emotions, sublime conducting restorative therapy of the mind that tired from the problems and failures of reason.
Oppressing mystical mysterious atmosphere intro continues with muted phrases, then A Thread Dissolves negotiates its pace with the surrounding reality, harmonizing it with another one. Grasping Light dancing his pace around the light source, while continuing to recreate the fairy canvas with its unpredictability. Keyboards provide some respite and food for thoughts, then the melody soared up on the wings of guitar riffs, vocal carrying tales to the triumph of melodic sculptures of divine grace!
Continuing to build on the foundation of a fierce power and angry malice guitar riffs, destroying all of the enemies, The Smoke Of Many Fires does not stop supporting the melodic lyrics, presenting it in a calm and balanced ballad breaks.