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Science is like magic, a fairy tale is like a treatise

April 13, 2022
Caveat - Alchemy (EP)

After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the Silver composition combines vocal reflections with musical mystery, weaving the enchanting lace of the musical fairy tale, embodying echoes of medieval legends combined with the pulsating sparkle of modern musical solutions and passages, continuing the musical narrative with disturbing impatience and vague tastes of further events in the progressive musical charm of the Caveat - Alchemy (EP) album's title track.
An incredible variety of musical variations and vocal changes in the combination of female and male vocals are intertwined in the indescribable variety of musical transformations of the Infinite musical saga.
The progressive musical artistry of the sound search is brought to the fore in the sound of the Black Mirror song begin with a vivid and exciting improvisation of the guitar solo, which is then complemented by vocal searches in the alternation and unity of male and female vocals. Starting with a ballad, the Ghost composition then alternates an incredible number of stylistic branches of both musical and vocal style.
The Until Dawn song brings the vocal part of the singing lady, with the support of musical companions, to the forefront of the musical image in a solemn procession complemented by creative lace of progressive musical variations, continuing a similar musical style in the sparkling inspiration of the Zero Hour final composition of the album.