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Sadness is able to take on sometimes very unexpected shades

January 06, 2020
Shadow Of Intent - Melancholy

A pensive burden and twilight melancholy begins the title track begins the Shadow Of Intent - Melancholy album, continuing its unexpected unity of genres and styles. In the vocal part, growling at first dominates, then appealing to the tunes of screaming. The pulsating urges of the Gravesinger twilight march combine the urges of the epic sacrament with the fabulous echoes of musical urges. Power and rage continue the narrative on a medium-temperature march, sometimes marked by the leisurely significance of the Barren and Breathless Macrocosm (feat. Trevor Strnad) vocal part.
Strength is the medium pace of the Gymnasium of the Underneath a Sullen Moon, led by a military narrative of the front line leading Oudenophobia to the front line with a magnificent thoughtful reflection, alternating scrolling and screaming and bringing a clean station to the front line of the game. The pathetic urges of the mid-tempo march continue the previous composition, exploding Embracing Nocturnal Damnation into rampant vortices, but returning to the mid-tempo march. The epic pathos of Dirge of the Void musical urges begins with unbridled calling of screaming, then growling supplements his tunes. Chthonic Odyssey continues the main motive of the previous composition, then bringing vocal tunes to the front edge of the narration. Harshly and thoughtfully hardened, The Dreaded Mystic Abyss brings the trends of artistry to the musical image. Ma