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Many concepts need to be corrected with proper ability

January 06, 2020
Paimon (SWE) - Corrector

The viscous rhythmic intro of the 5005 march, shrouded in echoes of the spicy shades of oriental folklore, begins the Paimon (SWE) - Corrector album with an instrumental composition, which serves as an introduction to the Rambles in Brittany song, developing the rhythmic motifs of the previous instrumental march and complementing them with vocal phrases.
The acoustic chime of the guitar strings in the introduction gives the Bony Crow song a certain atmosphere of mystery, then vocal phrases elevate the epic banners of the leisurely narration of a significant anthem. In the vocal part, female vocals accentuate the vocals of male vocals, completing the measures. The Hearts of Men vocal part immediately enters with demonic screaming growling, the music is whirling in vortexes of impressive swarm of beasts, hovering around the vocal part.
Vocal phrases broadcast the echoes of fairy tales, then epic musical motifs elevate phrases of female vocals to the top of the Shigella Spices musical image, complementing them with the mysterious echoes of forgotten fairy tales. In the vocal part, harsh and growling are sometimes manifested. Returning again to the mysterious atmosphere of fairy tales 718 marches in a rhythmic march, sometimes hardening music and vocals to demonic fury. Apocalyptica continues and strengthens this bitterness, bringing the fierce vocal part to the front line and assigning it a dominant role in the composition.
At the beginning, the soft chime of the guitar passages mesmerizes mysteriously, but then the Atlas Spine music brings in some kind of drive, marching on the verge of a fast and medium tempo, the vocal part focuses on recitative. Selfer continues to sound in a similar style, but the whirlwinds of the epic mystery envelop the musical tones of the emotional tunes of clean female vocals. Metonia preserves the overall style of the fabulous and epic shades of the album, but completes the musical canvas with a majestic procession of a pensive anthem.