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Listen to these songs and feel their essence

January 06, 2020
Razormaze - Spawnsong

The title track begins the Razormaze - Spawnsong album with unbridled fury, then pumping up the pulsating waves of drive, ringing out with the sounds of guitar passages, starting the development of the main motive with furious vocal growling. Then, in the album, harsh and growling are intertwined in a single part, without diminishing the influence of their trends on the style of sounding of the musical extravaganza. The guitar solo of the instrumental part brings some trends of thoughtfulness, however, completing the song with an unbridled drive, retreating to the final vocal emotions.
Further, the structure of the Litany composition is built on the debate of a growl close to growling and dreamy clean vocals, combining these vocal variations with inspired musical feeds.
Building the walls and limits of the main motive, Rotten Altar completes the album, indicating that the duration of the composition is nothing! It embodies such a multiple enumeration of variations - both vocal and musical - that everyone will hear it in their own way. If you leave the evaluation of the compositions, then the title is the closest to me personally (because the right trash metal carries away), but the final one is almost the most interesting song heard recently. Rate it personally - listen to it, argh!