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Sacrifice your pain to ruined world

November 25, 2021
Helestios - Your Pain Tastes Goo

Entering with chants of shamanic ritual, the Sacrifice composition then continues with variations of ritual dances as the priest invokes the gods of war and battle. The Black Storm battle march continues the sounding of the Helestios - Your Pain Tastes Good album with a rhythmic mid-tempo procession.
Rolling in waves of tenacity and perseverance, the Downgraded World track then takes the vocal part to the crests of musical waves, complementing the harsh harp in the vocal part with clean vocals, giving the clean vocals more attention in the Back to Where It Starts romantic ballad, alternating its humming with a thoughtful and meaningful harsh vocals.
The title track Your Pain Tastes Good begins with a soft guitar solo, then brings an inspired and martial vocal narrative to the forefront of the sound. The All Attack song piles on the stern fury of a tenacious and persistent musical thriller. But the vocal intro transforms the sound with some notes of doubt and reflection, returning to the musical fury in the chorus.
By alternating between the clean vocals and the harp in the vocal part, the musical structure of the You Are Free song is built on a coherent complementation of these vocal transformations. Entering with oriental motifs, the Return to Baalbek composition completes the album with its most varied artwork.