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Lost in the series of rebirths

November 25, 2021
Octopus Montage -  Reborn (...Again)

The inspirational music and vocal rendition of the Fuck It! song opens up expanses of musical space inspiring memories of youth and energetic and unbridled adventures, starting the musical narrative of the Octopus Montage - Reborn (...Again) album full of hope and expectation. However, the sound of the How Does It Make You Feel? composition changes the style of the sound, at times violently brutalizing the vocal part.
The echoes of the Reborn title track develop the motifs of the previous track in a lighter style, returning to the echoes of the musical releases of the 1970s and 1980s. The America continues a similar musical style, manifesting it even more explicitly and insistently in the song's lyrics.
Starting with an acoustic romantic ballad, the Lighthouse track progresses along the album's typical path, speeding up the tempo somewhat and combining music and vocals in an emotional rush. Based on the acoustic sound, the Everything I Own ballad brings a touch of country-style sound to the album.
Sharply hardening musically and vocally, the Lost track brings drive and unrestraint to the album's sound, at times returning to the restrained rebelliousness of time-honored punk rock. An acoustic reworking of one of the compositions (Lighthouse (Acoustic)) completes the album with a peaceful romanticism.