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Sometimes the legacy becomes like damnation

November 24, 2021
Interloper - A Revenant Legacy (EP)

A bright guitar solo opens the Interloper - A Revenant Legacy (EP) album's gates, then an inspired vocal narrative begins with dreamy tunes of clean vocals, then retreats from the onslaught of fierce harsh vocals, then again and again repeating the same narrative in the artistic sound of An Emerald Flame song.
Bright guitar solo starts the sound of the Silence composition, then displays a fragment of its leitmotif, but at times soaring in the pursuit of rapid drive and progressively varying the musical essence, complementing the sound imponist fragments and ending the sound of so fine guitar solo.
An intriguing and twilight guitar solo anticipates the frenetic exasperation of the vocals, which descend to a harsh growling tone that then unites in an artistic ascension of the clean vocals, retreating before him at the end of the Wishful Thinking song.
Vocals and music mingle in the enchanting dance of the Hand In Hand romantic ballad, artistically and progressively complementing each other with their musical features and shades. But in a certain fragment the vocals harden again for angry speech, but again retreat before the dreamy charm of the clean vocals in the final fragment.
Further complicating the sound in a rush to achieve unprecedented heights of musical artistry, the Glasshouse track crowns the album with its most progressive musical masterpiece.