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Running away from wasteland

May 09, 2022
Infinite & Divine -  Silver Lining

Musical tenacity is combined with vocal reflections in the mesmerizing introduction of the I Feel Alive song anticipating the inspired ascension of the chorus and the assertive procession of the rhythmic march of the Infinite & Divine composition, continuing the sound of the Infinite & Divine - Silver Lining album with a combative perseverance crowned with artistic keyboard passages. The Keep On Moving musical suite unites symphonic musical melody with vocal emotionality in a single sound.
After the sonorous introduction, the Not Too Late composition alternates in the foreground of the musical image vocal reflections and musical tunes that are fascinating with melody, after which the Wasteland song confidently and persistently marches along the musical path of the main motif with notes of pulsating drive.
The breathtaking epic step of the Burn No More bardic saga brings echoes of past legends to the album, marching in the We Are One battle march in a similar stylistic atmosphere, adhering to the musical axis of the main motif.
The bright sound of the guitar solo of the introduction of the Off The End Of The World composition develops the influence of heavy metal genre on the musical development of the album, combining it with the emotional sensuality of female vocals, which is brought to the forefront of the twilight romance of the You And I musical image.
Bringing the vocal narrative to the forefront of the While You're Looking For Love composition of the album's sound anticipates the progressive melody with oriental motifs of the Perplexed Perfection final album's artwork.