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The pillars of the sky

May 09, 2022
Writhing Squares - Chart For The Solution

Vocal assertiveness and jazz musical improvisations of the Rogue Moon composition lay the musical foundation for the sound of the Writhing Squares - Chart For The Solution albom, wrapping compositional motifs with whirlwinds of jazz passages. The Geisterwaltz composition rolls waves of musical intransigence wrapping around the sound with the progressive complexity of guitar improvisations.
Soaring in a whirlwind of swift drive, the Ganymede song chases in a hurried pursuit of imaginary temptations, somewhat pacifying the aspirations in the artistic reflections of The Abyss Is Never Brighter track.
A Chorus Of Electrons instrumental track begins with a pensive mystery the musical narrative of the next fragment of the album, in which the sound is somewhat transformed in the aspiration of the musical pulsations of The Library song and the rhythmic performances of the musical variations of the Nfu composition.
The Pillars musical story envelops in an atmosphere of mystery, wrapping a distorted vocal narrative with an obscure whirlwind of cosmic currents. Wrapping around the listener with a whirlwind of mysterious musical motifs, the North Side Of The Sky composition complements them with mysterious background vocal reflections, completing them with the thoughtfulness and wisdom of the Resurrect Dead On Planet Whatever musical suite and the melodic sound of the Epilogue.